Saturday, 15 November 2014

Decisions and comments.

Hello Internet Land!

I felt I needed to write some words for all the questions, comments and feedback being received about the shirt I made for him that has caused such a stir.

I would like to thank each and every person who has supported Matt in his amazing achievement and who has asked after and complimented my hobby as well as my Husband's artwork on Dr. Taylor.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of negativity in this which I do understand but is also very upsetting.

Dr. Matt Taylor is an amazing, kind, loving and sensitive person.
I never expected him to wear my gift to him for such a big event and was surprised and deeply moved that he did.
I made that shirt for his birthday last month as I make clothes just as a hobby and he asked if I would make him one.
He is a close and very loved friend so made sure I did this for his birthday present.

I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion and having worked with people and events for a long time I have certainly learnt that you are never going to please everyone.
I defy any living person to tell me truthfully that they have never made an action that may have caused an unwanted reaction in their lives even with the best intentions in mind.

I am so proud of Matt and his achievements and the fact he is an interesting and very brave person to do what he did with the very sweet gesture he made towards my gift and to wear his individuality with pride.
It has certainly made history more exciting and bold.

I do read all your comments you have all made but there are so many I just can’t reply to you all personally.
The people that have attacked and said horrible things I am not going to engage with as the supportive and very lovely comments I have also received outweigh those tenfold!

I would like to take this opportunity to try and answer all the questions I have been getting.

There is no ‘meaning’ behind the shirt. I just bought material and sewed it together.

Nothing sinister at all was meant behind it at any point. It was just a bold and individual fashion item.

I did make Matt’s shirt. You can see it from a few weeks back on his Twitter feed and our studio feed (@EternalArtEssex) as well as my Instagram.
There is a similar shirt available on the internet but as the material is readily available this is no huge surprise.
I customized Matt’s shirt so it does have slight differences to the one already on line as it was a very personal thing.

I am not going to apologize for having a hobby. In actual fact I am a nobody who just crafted a shirt for a friend.
I never expected it to get to this magnitude and am humbled and overwhelmed.

I am genuinely surprised that so many of you want the shirts.

I am no professional seamstress by any means. My clothes are made with love and time put into it. 

Yes I can make other clothes and pin up (male and female!) printed material is readily available. 

Yes I can make ladies shirts. 

If I was to recreate the same print and other similar prints from the fabric designer I use for these shirts I need to be very clear that they are far from perfect.

The other issue unfortunately for me is sadly the cost. That fabric designer’s material is very expensive in the UK. I was shocked to see the shirt available online for only $60!
My fabric has cost me £45 for each shirt and then 5-6 hours of my time to put it all together!
Because of this that also means I that if I was to embark on this that unless I can get my costs downs with fabric that I will have to charge around £150 for 1 shirt which I feel is excessive! From the magnitude of this I would have to stop working in the daytimes to meet the demand and I need to make a living like everyone else in the world. 

The other down side is that as I am only just me I cannot mass produce these at the moment as part of why I started making clothes is that I want to do each one myself and put the passion into every one that I put into all my clothes.
This means that if all of you seriously want me to make versions then there will be a considerable waiting list!

Also due to the negative responses it also makes me a tad reluctant as someone will start accusing me of ‘cashing in’ or whatever.

My Husband has said I should embark on this and what is making me feel I want to is that so many of you amazing people have asked for them simply to support Matt which I think is flipping awesome!

To support Matt to show how many people are behind him I am going to try.
I have set up an email account called for any of you who want to enquire more.

I really am just a nobody who is lucky enough to have an awesome friend who was just being sweet.